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Brescia AAB 1997            
Presentation of Metarationality at the AAB Gallery
under the patronage of the Municipality and the Province of Brescia.

Metarationality is:

Order and disorder
Logical and illogical
Rule and chance
Raising and ruining
Symmetry and asymmetry
Rhythm and arhythmia
Accord and discord

Metarationality puts:

Disorder into order
Illogical into logical
Chance into rule
Destruction into costruction
Asymmetry into symmetry
Arhythmia into rhythm
Discord into accord

Metarationality means:

Knowing the rule but breaking it.
Looking at the world with crossed eyes.
Searching for reason into non-reason.
Distrusting instinct but also reason.
Saying not “it’s rational” because it could be irrational.
Saying not “down with the full moon!”
Saying not ... saying not ... and Saying ... saying ...

Two shorts are available: the first documenting the encounter with the public, the second is an interview with the author that clarifies the concept of Metarationality

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