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Beppe Bonetti - Biography            
Born in Rovato, Brescia – Italy, in 1951.
Beppe Bonetti discovers the painting throughout the work of Gerolamo Calca, very important Italian artist, from the school of Milan at the end of the 1900. He discovers also the library of Gerolamo Calca, rich in important books of literature, history and critics, that brings Beppe Bonetti into the art world with a certain cultural basis.
In the second half of the Sixties he starts, autonomously, many researches that will lead him, after some initial surrealistic experiences, at his first abstract experiences. His exhibition activity starts at the end of the Seventies and for a certain time will be identified by an high abstract/geometric rigor and by a determined planning.
In those years start the first trips in Paris with exhibitions and participations to the Salon.
In 1982, at the Vismara Gallery of Milan, he presents a series of works (reviewed by Gillo Dorfles) that mark the passage through a new way to intend the rationality, named by the author Metarationality.
In 1984 he has the first exhibition in Amsterdam, at the Art Stable. The first exhibition in Japan is in 1985 at the Foritsu Modern art Center of Osaka, and the first travel will be in 1987, to be present at the personal exhibition at the Dan Gallery of Osaka.
The Eighties are years characterized by an intense activity and many exhibitions in Italy, with the galleries La Chiocciola, Melesi, Spriano, Galliata, Vismara, Nike e Vinciana. The Eighties are even the years of the first exhibition in the U.S.A.: in New York at the Columbia University and a Los Angeles at the Hartman Gallery.
After that will follow the exhibitions in Rotterdam, Cadaques, Hamburgo, Copenhagen and the events at the Italian cultural centres and the Italian Embassy of Zagreb, Beograd and Wien. Throughout a period of time he will work in Paris, with his colleague Jonquiesres. In the French capital Beppe Bonetti will set up personal exhibitions at the Espace du Triangle and with the art dealer Claude Dorval. Another travel in the eastern hemisphere for a personal exhibition in Seoul, is the opportunity to study in depth the ratio, never ended, between sign and writing.
This research, started in 1985, will be developed on papers and big canvases as the artworks of the cycle Variations on the number seven. At his work was dedicated many anthological exhibitions; in 1992 at Macerata, in the historical church of Saint Paul, in 1999 at the Civic Gallery of Gallarate, in 2006 at Rovato in the historical church of Saint Vincent.
From 2000 the Metarationality become a group, the L.I.G. (Last International Group), that exhibited from Europe to Asia in many private and public spaces and in some museums.

Paris, in studio

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