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Moscow NCCR
Geometry in the culture of the XX-XXI century.
The 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus

National Centre for Contemporary Arts
24.10.19 - 41.11.19
Curators: Zsuzsa Dardai, Vitaly Patsyukov

In an international show dedicated to the 100 years of the Bauhaus, geomeric and constructivist works by various authors are exhibited, among them: Kandinsky, Malevich, Lissitzky, Rodchenko, Arden Quin, Moholy Nagy, Vasarely, Goncharova.

Rovato (Bs) Ex Filatoio
Aspetti della Metarazionalità
Ex Filatotio
Corso Bonomelli, Rovato
19 april - 21 aprile

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Brescia Ramera Arte Contemporanea
Aspetti della Metarazionalità
Galleria Ramera Arte Contemporanea
via Moretto 2/B Brescia
7 october - 11 november 2017

Variations on Parmenide's error
Acrylics on canvas, 150x150 cm

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Milano Galleria Scoglio di Quarto
Beppe Bonetti, Roland De Jong, Heinz Kasper, Stefano Soddu
Galleria Scoglio di Quarto
via Scoglio di Quarto 4 Milano
Opening 3 march h 17.00

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Bejing Biennale China-Italia
Plastic Cultural Park
Manet Art Gallery
TaiHe Art Gallery
Opening 27 August 2016

Catalogue Variations on 7
It's out now the new volume Variazioni sul 7
Graphic design by: Luciano Salodini
Writings by: Beppe Bonetti, Rudolph Rainer, Ilaria Bignotti, Luca Zaffarano.

... we can say that with a METARATIONAL approach to the problem we can reveal an infitive quantity of ideas and possibilities on which we can base a new, exact and casual form of vision, and that’s exactly why also more "truthful"

Minsk Gruppo MEM
National Centre for Modern Art
9 marzo - 30 aprile 2016

On show 8 artists: Beppe Bonetti, Hellmut Bruch, Roland De Jong, Heinz Kasper, Zoya Lucevich, Olga Sazykina, Konstantin Selikhanov, Pavel Voinitski.

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Berlin Konstruktiv + Inter + Konkret
Ungarische Botschaft
february - March 2015

On show: Beppe Bonetti (I), Jurgen Blum-Kwiatkowski (D/PL), Helmut Bruch (AT), Magda Csutak (RO/HU,D), Istvan Ezsias (HU), Janos Fajo (HU), Ingo Glass (RO/HU,D), Viktor Hulik (SK), Roland De Jong Orlando (NL), Heinz Kasper (D), Viacheslav Koleychuk (RU), Andre van Lier (NL), Akos Matzon (HU), Peter Paizs (HU), Janos Szasz Saxon (HU).


Szentendre (Hungary) Konstruktiv + Inter + Konkret
Muveszet Malom Szentendre
21 November 2014 - 26 January 2015

On show: Beppe Bonetti (I), Jurgen Blum-Kwiatkowski (D/PL), Helmut Bruch (AT), Magda Csutak (RO/HU,D), Istvan Ezsias (HU), Janos Fajo (HU), Ingo Glass (RO/HU,D), Viktor Hulik (SK), Roland De Jong Orlando (NL), Heinz Kasper (D), Viacheslav Koleychuk (RU), Andre van Lier (NL), Akos Matzon (HU), Peter Paizs (HU), Janos Szasz Saxon (HU).

Beijing Biennale China - Italia
28 june - 20 august 2014

To create a successful exhibition, the curator team used nearly 10 months to visit studios of 200 artists in Mainland China. They did interviews one by one and selected 48 artists to enter the 2014 Biennale China-Italia. They all have enormous influence in Mainland China with the approval of international market value; this includes young artists who have a lot of possibilities in the future. Although they aren’t as well known as the other artists, but their independent spirit and unique language attracts the curators. There are also 43 Italian artists being selected. Overall, the art works focused on the topic of memories. This creates a big break through on visual language and connects the background of social life. Famous Chinese poet, curator, guest professor of Peking University and Jimei University, founder of Being 3 Art Gallery Mian Bu believed that: "The artists discovered memories and created rhetoric of memories when facing their own history, the art history and the future".

The topic of 2014 Biennale China-Italia is Memories. There’s an old Chinese saying that stated: "Good memories still don’t beat the things you write down". It means that no matter how good your memories are it’s still hard to avoid mistakes and forget things since we are human, so it’s always better to write things down. This old saying emphasized that things use words as a carrier to support memories; telling us the role of words in memories. Oscar Wilde once said: "Memories is the diary that everybody carries around."

Beppe Bonetti is present in the Italian selection with the
Variation on 7 (n.1 e n.2)
cm 120 x 180

Museo della città di Chiari
Beppe Bonetti
Aspetti della metarazionalità

1 - 24 febbraio 2014
Inaugurazione 1 febbraio ore 17.00

Orari: ven, sab e dom
10.00-12.00 / 16.00-19.00

Per gruppi o scolaresche l'artista si rende disponibile per visite guidate
Prenotazione al num. 339 1264340


Monza Villa Reale Biennale Italia-Cina
20 Oct. - 16 Dec. 2012
Extended until 6 january

Beppe Bonetti is present with a work
Celeste Impero. Variazione sul numero 7
cm 100 x 200

The Biennale Italy - China is also a kind of comparison between two ancient cultures, each artist is expected therefore that, in addition to showing the most updated and modern has conceived and how it is able to interpret the issues described above, he deepens the knowledge of their colleagues extracontinentali with the awareness of the importance of its role as an acute observer and a witness of his time.

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for artists. The artist has to put in evidence, regardless of medium or technique used, the inherent qualities and the fundamental role that nature plays in ensuring the existence of man. It can also be a complaint against the inconsiderate exploitation of natural resources. Culture and nature must be the future for everyone.

Sibenik CroatiaL.I.G. Metarationality
Bonetti Rainer Zoricic
Galerija Krsevana - Petra Nakica
14 - 31 August 2012
Introduction by Gabriella Brembati

KyotoArt Fair
27-29 april 2012
Beppe Bonetti (solo)

BerlinDas Russiche Haus
8-23 march 2012
Art concret intelligible
Fredrichstrasse 176-179 Berlin

detail of metarazionalità, 1993 cm 390 x 130

On show 3 works from series Metarazionalità Variazioni sul numero 7, each work is 3 meters long.

Press release


Venezia Biennale di Venezia
54esima Mostra Internazionale di Arte
La Biennale di Venezia

Exhibition catalogue
Variazioni su un errore di Parmenide
Ed. Maretti, 2011

Liassidi Palace Hotel Venezia
16 September 2011 - 14 October 2011
Variations on Parmenide's error
Curator Valentina Barotto
In collaboration with

Vernissage Friday 16th September h. 19.00
In the presence of the Artist.

Beppe Bonetti Sphere for La Biennale

Venezia La Biennale
54th International Art Exhibition
La Biennale di Venezia
Syrian Arab Republic Pavillon
Commissioner: Christian Maretti
Curators: Sandro Orlandi and Fabio Anselmi
Site: Isola di San Servolo Palazzo della Provincia
Preview on 1-2-3 June 2011

The title chosen for the exhibition is: ILLUMInations
It will be presented 3 steel spherical big sculptures together with works of the cycle Variazioni su un errore di Parmenide, paintings and sculptures expressly created for La Biennale di Venezia.

beppe bonetti sphere for la biennale

Valmalenco (Sondrio) Biennale
Seconda Biennale Internazionale di Scultura
June 2011
Valmalenco Church

Artists on show: Bonetti (Italia), Moisèe (Portogallo), De Jong (Paesi Bassi), Zecca (Italia)
All the sculptures are made of Valmalenco serpentina stone.

Milano Galleria Scoglio di Quarto
Metarationality 2000-2010
Beyond ten years of a group
Beppe Bonetti
Rudolph Rainer
Milan Zoricic

3 march 2011
Opening: h 18.00
via Ascanio Sforza, 3

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Bergamo Bergamo Arte Fiera
Stand Galleria ARTantide (VR)
13 to 17 January 2011.


Milano Galleria Scoglio di Quarto
Ritratti di studio n.2
Group show
december, 17th 2010
Opening: h. 18.00
via Ascanio Sforza, 3

Details of Variations on number 7

Presentation of photographs book made by Enrico Cattaneo, tests by Stefano Soddu.

Chiari (Brescia) Fondazione Morcelli Repossi
Metarationality. Variations on number 7
Beppe Bonetti Solo Show
march, 7th - april, 9th 2010
Vernissage: sunday 7th march 2010 h. 10.30
via Varisco, 9 Chiari

A detail of a variation on number 7

Download the depliant
Download the critic essay written by Ilaria Bignotti


San Marino (Rep. of San Marino) Solo Show
Beppe Bonetti Solo Show
curated by Michela Danzi
with the collaboration of Fondazione Valerio Riva
and Archivio Generale di Beppe Bonetti managed by
Mart Arte Contemporanea, Via 3 Settembre, 101/B
From 3 October 2009 to 25 October 2009

Group Shows
Brescia (Italy)
LUNA e l'altra
Galleria Colossi Arte Contemporanea
September - October 2009

Bombay (India)
The Art Build the World
with Arte Struktura (Italian Art Gallery)
September - October 2009

Teglio (Italy)
Nuovi Scenari. Rassegna Internazionale d'Arte
curated by Prof. carlo Franza
Palazzo del Comune and other sites
From 18 July to 15 September 2009

Zbaskyn (Poland)
Experiment Festival
Galeria Baszta

Osaka (Japan) Solo Show
Solo Show at Tsuchiya Contemporary Art Gallery

Hünfeld (Germany) Solo Show
Solo Show at Modern Art Museum
Beppe Bonetti. Metarationality
19 April 2009 - 30 May 2010

Hünfeld is located between Kassel and Frankfurt and the Museum is dedicated to concrete and constructive art.

Malcesine Garda Lake (Italy) Solo Show
Beppe Bonetti. Metarazionalità
Castello Scaligero, Sala della Residenza Scaligera
11 April 2009 - 14 June 2009

Exhibition promoted by Colossi Arte Contemporanea with collaboration of Malcesine Town Hall

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Download presentation written by Ilaria Bignotti

Milano (Italy) MiArt Now!
Modern and Contemporary Art Fair
17 April 2009 - 20 April 2009

Beppe Bonetti with Bruno Munari, Edoer Agostini, Getulio Alviani, Vincenzo Balena, Marcello Morandini, Victor Vasarely, and european group, from Gruppo N to Gruppo T, from Sperimentale P to GRAV on show in the space of Valmore Studio d'Arte, Vicenza

Brescia (Italy)Solo Show
Metarazionalità Variazioni sul numero 7
Solo Show at Biblioteca Queriniana, via Mazzini 1
from 7 January to 7 February 2009

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Brescia Catalogue Raisonne
27 November 2008 h 18.00
AAB Gallery Associazione Artisti Bresciani
Presentation of the Catalogue Raisonne Vol. I

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Brescia (Italy)Group Show
29 novembre 2008 - 14 gennaio 2009
Galleria Colossi
In caso di Nebbia...

Artists on show: Alviani, Bertini, Bonalumi, Bonamini, Bonetti, Christo, Crippa, De Molfetta, Dufrêne, Hains, Lugli, Malquori, Mondino, Nigro, Nitsch, Pascali, Piacentino, Pistoletto, Rapetti, Rotella, Scheggi, Spoerri, Turcato, Villeglé

Forlì (Italy)Art Fair
from 21 to 24 November

Padova (Italy)Art Fair
from 6 to 10 November

Verona News Exhibition
Metarazionalità Beppe Bonetti
Solo Show at
Via Germania 14 Verona (Italy)
curated by Marika Vicari
from 4 to 31 October 2008
from monday to friday hours 10-12 13-18
or to make an appointment
[+39 045 8622389 / +39 347 1048959]

The Archive of Beppe Bonetti will have the job of catalogue all the artworks made by the artist and make the publication of all the volumes of the General Catalog.
Officially inaugurates the General Archive of Beppe Bonetti, that will be at disposal of all the collectors and passionate to do the filing of the artist's artworks and to follow the files realted to certifications of authenticity.

The Catalogue Raisonne is available on request by e-mail:
Tel. +39 045 8622389 fax. +39 045 8648798

Salò (Italy)News Exhibition
LIG Metarazionalità Beppe Bonetti
Vernissage 7 July 2008
Palazzo Coen, Salò

Milano (Italy) MiArt Catalogue Raisonne

Se vedere è già di per sè un atto creativo, è con tutta la sua ricerca artistica che Beppe Bonetti (Brescia, 1951) tiene viva la tensione dualistica tra l'ordine e il disordine, da lui definita con il termine Metarazionalità. I suoi lavori, fatti di sostanze che sono forme e per lo più segni (variopinti segmenti che frantumandosi generano altre forme compatte) e di accidenti quali colore, struttura tattile e forma visibile, sono raccolti oggi da in questo primo volume del catalogo generale, concepito in parte come una retrospettiva e in parte come una rassegna che si proietta sul presente poichè unisce nuovi lavori a quelli eseguiti nell'arco di quarant'anni.

Title: Beppe Bonetti. Catalogo generale vol. I, Christian Maretti editore, 2008.
Hard Cover, pagine 256, dimensioni cm 28 x 24 e suddivisione cronologica in 11 sezioni.
Critical Essays: R. Rainer, B. D'Amore, G. Segato, G. Dorfles, G. Di Genova, E. Crispolti, C. Franza, F. Fournier, G. Xuriguera, E. Bonessio di Terzet, M. Conti, B. Bonetti. Progetto grafico: Michela Danzi, Sandro Orlandi.

Malo (Italy) News Exhibition
Museo Casabianca di Malo Vicenza
16 December 2007 - 10 January 2008
L.I.G. Last International Group
Beppe Bonetti, Rudolph Rainer, Milan Zoricic


Studio d'Arte Valmore Vicenza
Expo Shanghai
19 September - 25 October 2007
L.I.G. Last International Group Metarationality
Beppe Bonetti, Giosuè Marongiu, Rudolph Rainer, Milan Zoricic

Montichiari (Brescia)
Centro Fiera Montichiari (Brescia)
21 - 23 September 2007
Plublisher Campanotto presents:
L.I.G. Last International Group Metarationality:
Beppe Bonetti, Rudolph Rainer, Milan Zoricic

Tsuchiya Contemporary Art Gallery
Beppe Bonetti, Gunther Forg, Takahiro Kondo
29 June - 30 July 2007

Beppe Bonetti works and lives in Franciacorta
North of Italy
For information and contacts:

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